I have an idea I’ve been experimenting with, and it’s at a point where I want to run an A/B test — to see how customers really behave with this idea and does it actually hit those viability metrics.

Does it actually convert to more sales? Reduce drop offs?


And the clicking behaviour I wasn’t expecting.

I was given a concept to experiment on — having a personalised video explainer when purchasing home insurance.

Do users want to watch this video?

I set out to create a feature stub test — this test seems to have many names, I’ve encountered ‘painted door test’, ‘fake door test’ or ‘smoke test’. …

The main differences between a Wizard and Concierge test

Is a Concierge experiment the same as a Wizard of Oz but with a human involved?

Is Concierge better to do in the ‘earlier’ days when you’re still playing around with solutions vs Wizard of Oz you’re pretty much there with a solution?

How I tried to untangle the two…

COVID killed my testing budget to $0.

Due to COVID, any experiment that involves an invoice like online adds are a no go.

One idea I had for a ‘free’ experiment was to ask the frontline call centre staff to use content from a concept I’m working on when they are making a sale and let us…

Where to start?

I googled around “Accessibility for app” and a lot of websites were quite airy fairy. Like yes you should do it bla bla— but no nitty gritty details.

Until I found the BBC website: https://www.bbc.co.uk/guidelines/futuremedia/accessibility/mobile/user-experience

I thought “great!!!”

Screenshot of the BBC website how they show examples of IOS and Android

So I set up a meeting with the team and showed them…

Having fun trying to do a hackathon

I’ve always participated at the hackathons here, but mainly doing the UX and crafting the pressos. But it would be good to try to code something. So here is what happened…

Sometimes designers can come up with some interactive animations and its like hmmm…(the sun rays rotating around and around makes me dizzy…)

I explored what it meats to add delight to animation, and maybe a nicer way to say…hmm…maybe it’s a bit too ‘cool’ and ‘playful’ for NRMA brand.

What is ‘surprise’ and ‘delight’?


During the concept stage, in the CEJ, I added another layer where potential behavioural economic biases that can be added. For more detail decision on the UX design you can read the case study for lending redesign.

Post-its highlighted so show the potential biases we can add and any current biases in play

I had some basic training in behavioural economics in my previous job with…

There is a lot of overlapping and maybe a lot of semantics, and we have our own framework at the fintech. In the end, when i’m studying and using the different frameworks, I question — does it even matter?

I think yes, it does. Depends on where I work, constraints…

Like the middleman

As a UXer, i’m like the middleman — with the researcher upfront in the discovery phase of the customer and problem, then it gets handed to me in the solution phase for concept ideation and feature/usability design, then onto visual design and the developers. …

Shi Wah Tse

Sydney based UX Designer who plays with code. I crack open ideas as a living!

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